Rent is due and payable to the Amherst Housing Authority on or before the fifth calendar day of each month. The AHA will accept payments by check or money order. Tenants will be notified of rent collection days at Ann Whalen Apts., Jean Elder House, and Chestnut Court Apts. With prior approval by AHA management staff, a different rent payment day or a rent payment schedule can be established.

Cash payments
Cash payments, as required by law will be accepted, though are not encouraged.

Money Orders
Tenants are encouraged to request a rent receipt when money order payments are made. Money orders may be hand delivered to the staff person designated to collect rents or sent through the mail.

Checks may be hand delivered to the staff person designated to collect rents or sent through the mail. Post dated checks may be accepted but will not be solicited by AHA. Checks may not be post dated past the rent payment date of the 5th of the month. They will not be deposited until the date of the check.

Late rent
Letters requesting a private conference to discuss late rent will be sent out by AHA staff on the 10th calendar day of the month with the conference scheduled within 7 calendar days. At the conference, payment of full rent will stop the late rent procedure or a payment agreement will be signed. If the tenant does not attend the conference, pay all rent up to date, or sign an acceptable payment agreement, a 14 day notice to quit for non payment of rent will be issued.

Eviction proceedings
The AHA will initiate eviction proceeding for those tenants who have not paid their rent in full by the 17th of the month or who have not abided by their rent payment agreement. 14 day notices to quit for non- payment of rent will be hand delivered, sent by certified and regular mail, or delivered by the sheriff. The AHA will follow all applicable state laws during eviction proceedings. Partial rent payments will be accepted on a "use and occupancy" basis. The AHA will not conduct annual recertification or lease renewals with those tenants who are being evicted for non payment of rent.

A late fee of $25.00 shall be charged if rent is overdue for more than thirty (30) days.

A fee of $25.00 shall be charged for returned checks.

The cost of eviction proceedings may be charged to the tenant.

Fair Market Rent
The AHA may charge the Fair Market Rent (as established by HUD or DHCD) for the appropriate bedroom size if the lease expires without the tenant completing the recertification process. Tenants will be notified, in writing, of this rent charge in the late recertification notice.

Collection Agencies/Credit Bureau Reporting
When a tenant vacates owing the Authority monies for rent, damages, or other move out expenses, the Authority will bill the ex-tenant for three months (minimum three billings). If the ex-tenant does not remit payments due within this time period, the AHA will refer overdue vacated tenant accounts to a collection agency. This agency will attempt to obtain payments through billing, phone calls, court action, and/or reporting to credit bureaus.

Security Deposit Policy
The AHA charges a security deposit for all housing in the amount of one month’s rent or $50, whichever is higher. The security deposit is due and payable at the time a lease is signed unless alternative arrangements are made in advance with the Housing Manager.

The tenant’s security deposit is held in an escrow account. The AHA sends the tenant the accrued interest on the deposit once a year.

The security deposit, less charges for damages and unpaid rent, is returned to the tenant within 30 days of vacancy.

Rent Determination Policy
Medical deductions:
The Amherst Housing Authority will use IRS publication 502 Medical and Dental Expenses to determine allowable medical deductions for out of pocket medical expenses. All medical expenses shall be verified. Verification includes paid receipts, doctor/practitioner statements, canceled checks, etc.

“No income” statements: Tenants and household members over 18 who are not employed, not receiving any income, and not a full time student must submit a “no income” statement by the 10th of every month. Failure to submit monthly “no income” statement will be considered a misrepresentation or nondisclosure of income as described in Attachment A of the Lease, Section D. This failure constitutes cause for termination of the lease.

Conducting a Home Business
In the event that a tenant wishes to conduct a business in his/her apartment, the tenant must submit a written request to the Housing Manager and must receive written approval in order to proceed.

Tenants are not allowed to take in boarders or lodgers.