Housing for Elderly and Disabled People

Chestnut Court: Located just off East Pleasant Street and less than one mile from the town center, Chestnut Court is comprised of five buildings for a total of 30 apartments Each of these one bedroom apartments has an individual outside entrance, and most are located on the ground floor. A community room and laundry facilities are available.

Ann Whalen: Ann Whalen Apartments, 33 Kellogg Avenue in downtown Amherst, next to the Senior Center, is a five-story elevator building containing 80 one-bedroom apartments, 4 of which are wheelchair accessible. The building includes a community room, laundry facilities and a greenhouse.

Jean Elder House: Jean Elder House is a former fraternity house with a community room and laundry facilities close to the center of town that has been converted into apartments for elderly and disabled people. There are three units: a one, a two and a three bedroom apartment, as well as three apartments that are rented to social service agencies whose clients have specific disabilities.

John Nutting: Next to Chestnut Court, John Nutting Apartments is a 5 unit program in 3 buildings for families who have a member with a mobility impairment. Each apartment is wheelchair accessible, has a roll-in shower and 3 or 4 bedrooms (one of which may be set aside for use by a live-in personal care attendant, if required). Laundry facilities are available.

Rent for these programs is figured annually on each tenant's or family's income after allowable deductions: 30% of the monthly income for elderly and disabled programs with all utilities included.

Gross household income must not exceed the following limits effective 12/11/2012:

Family Size Income Limit
1 Person $45,200
2 People $51,650
3 People $58,100
4 People $64,550
5 People $69,750
6 People $74,900
Application for State Aided Housing: