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Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the agency's housing programs and services.  On our website, you will find links to documents that range from applications for the various housing programs; housing plans; the Section 8 Administrative Plan; the Federal 5 year plan; minutes from the Board of Commissioners meetings and numerous agency policies.  We hope that as you wander your way through our website you find the vast amount of information beneficial to you.


Debbie Turgeon
Interim Executive Director





  • To preserve and to expand decent, safe and affordable housing for low and moderate income households, elders, and persons with disabilities.
  • To support programs, services and resources that promote economic self-sufficiency, and improve community quality of life, tenant empowerment and responsibility.
  • To maintain quality of service delivery and ensure equal opportunity in housing.
  • To operate programs and deliver services that maximize financial and human resources while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

The Amherst Housing Authority is dedicated to providing quality housing to eligible households. The Authority is a public agency operated with state and federal funding and is overseen by a five member Board of Commissioners.














Town of Amherst

Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Massachusetts NAHRO

UMASS Off Campus Housing Office

Massachusetts Fair Housing Center

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